We defy the perceptions of the CPA firm. We are PARTNERS, we are RELATIONSHIP builders and we are FLEXIBLE. We don’t want to just see you each year in April for tax season, we want to be your business partner assisting with any accounting need you may have when you have it.

In an effort to do this, we have removed the billable hour completely. This has opened lines of COMMUNICATION and allowed us to support our clients in whatever they need. We believe that the foundation of providing good advice starts with having good numbers. We make closing the books each month and preparing quarterly tax plans for each client a priority, which makes our proactive approach successful in the preparation of tax returns. This allows all employees to work efficiently and spend more time being creative for the client year around.

This flexibility gives our clients the ability to have more consistent communication and a relationship with their CPA, fee clarity, and more forward-looking advice. No business is alike, which is why none of our offerings are a “one size fits all.” Instead, we want your PARTNERSHIP with our staff to be so strong that we anticipate your needs. This PROACTIVE approach ensures that our clients feel cared for, both personally and professionally.

Forward Focused

We like to look forward… not backwards. We anticipate your coming challenges and celebrate your successes with you.

No Billable Hour

We scrapped the billable hour so that you don’t feel like you’re on the clock any time you have a question or request.


We value relationships and communication, and meet you where you are.


We make it easy. We partner with YOU to take over the finances so you can focus on your business.


We acknowledge that no business is the same, which is why we have a diverse staff that we have hand selected to be a part of our team, and a part of yours.

How can Roach Associates help your business?